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About Us

Building a skating club for youth

About Us

Emirates Skating Club is the first registered and licensed figure skating club in the United Arab Emirates. The club was established to promote and develop the sport of figure skating. We wish to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and social interaction, while promoting positive role models, good sportsmanship and lasting friendships. We hope to inspire strong qualities of discipline, poise, and self confidence that will continue throughout the members life. By maintaining excellence in our training, organization and programs, we foster an environment supportive to social, recreational and competitive ice skating. Through Emirates Skating Club's opportunities and guidance, new skaters begin confident skaters, social and recreational skaters achieve their personal goals and competitive skaters realize their dreams of becoming champions. Emirates Skating Club follows and implements all standards, rules and regulations required by the United Arab Emirates Ice Sport Federation, UAE sport authorities, International Skating Union and International Skating Institute of Asia."

Our Mission

"To promote the sport of figure skating at the local, national, and international levels in a safe and healthy environment"

Our Vision

Develop the sport of figure skating in the United Arab Emirates to reach and surpass international standards

Off-Ice Training

To perform the complete skating development, there are many components are involved. These components, such as balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, etc., have all to be developed to enable a person to utilize his/her potential as a skater. To accelerate this development, off-ice training is often far more effective than on-ice. On ice, there are so many factors that limit the efficiency of the training

On-Ice Training

On-Ice training will cover the movement across the ice by marching, gliding, swizzling and stop. Furthermore, there will be training for more advanced learners on turns, steps, spins, jumps, spirals, etc.

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2 Years
150 Members
167 Competitions
14 Skating Levels

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Blog Post 1

ESC skaters

First competition of the season for coach alex's smallest skaters, we just can't get over how cute they are!!!.

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Blog Post 1

ESC skater

ESC is so proud of Meriana matariki, she has passed her FREESTYLE 4 test, keep going, we all support you!!!.

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Blog Post 1

ISU international FBMA

we will have our annual ISU international FBMA trophy competition on january 4-7, we highly encourage our skaters to come to watch this event, ESC will have several of our members competing, come and cheer for your team mates....

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